Frequently Asked Questions

What are your cleaning protocols?

All of the toys, materials and surfaces are cleaned with an approved sanitizing on a daily basis. Along with UV ray sanitizing lights that go on after hours for an extra added disinfectant.

What are the required qualifications for teachers and staff?

NYS Certified teachers lead all classrooms. Each classroom has 2 full time teachers (head teacher and teaching assistant). No class is left without at least 2 adults at any time, an added floater is always staffed for extra care and safety. Our staff is fully background checked and up to date with all New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene required trainings.

What are your class sizes?

We have 4 classrooms:

  • 2 year old full day classrooms - 10 children 2 teachers
  • 2 year old half day classroom - 9 children 2 teachers
  • 3 year old full day classroom - 15 students 2 teachers
  • Enhanced Pre-K Classroom - Up to 7 students

Are children required to be potty trained?

Children are not required to be potty trained, a toddler gram will be sent home each day providing daily diaper change updates (families provide diapers and wipes). We encourage potty training and support you in the process, making your child's potty training a fast and easy transition.

Do you provide meals?

We do not offer meals, families provide all lunches and snacks, meals can be heated if necessary.