Our Programs

The curriculum at Angels in the Gardens is designed to set an educational foundation that encourages our students to reach their full potential. Our team of NYS Certified Teachers and staff in the classroom are facilitators and nurturers, providing children with developmentally appropriate actives, positive encouragement, and support.  Our staff is always close at hand with guidance and assistance, while also encouraging and fostering independence. Our children learn and develop best in a secure, loving, fun-filled, clean environment. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to helping children grow at their natural pace by building self-confidence, strength, and skills.

2 Year Old Classroom

It is extremely beneficial for toddlers to get the chance to interact with their peers. At this age, your child is becoming more aware of their surroundings and environment. In our 2 year old classrooms we guide our little learners as they discover the world around them. Using a multi-sensory approach, we explore early learning experiences through art, reading, structured and free play, movement, outdoor play, and more. 

3 Year Old Classroom & 4 Year Old

At the age of 3, your child is beginning to develop a better sense of self-awareness and independence. In which our teachers encourage a more independent atmosphere for them. Our 3 year old curriculum is aligned with the NYS Early Childhood Learning standards. In our 3 year old classroom, our students develop language skills, "school readiness" skills and increase their knowledge of the world around them. We instill these dependent attributes along with showing the same love and care as with our 2-year-olds. Our 3-year-olds will also be taught a better consciousness of classroom structure, preparing them for Pre-K and Kindergarten. These experiences lay the foundation for your child's future successes in school and life by building on the five key parts of a child's development. Our curriculum includes the following. 

  1. Early social and emotional skills, such as sharing, solving social problems, and expressing and managing their feelings
  2. Learning skills such as problem solving, imaginative thinking, and persistence
  3. Pre-reading and writing skills, such as understanding that letters have meaning and can be combined to form words, and that reading and writing can be used to share information and ideas
  4. Early math skills, such as learning about numbers, shapes, sorting and patterns
  5. Physical strength and coordination skills, such as running and being able to use paint brushes and crayons

Summer Program

9 weeks filled with fun and exciting activities for our students. Each week we will be focusing on a certain theme. Once a week we will be bringing in a special guest in correlation with the theme ex: Magician, Zoo visit, Circus Performer. Daily Schedules may vary depending on activities. We will also be including Dance, Soccer, Yoga, & Music, and Movement each week.